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There are many people working behind the scenes for the police department that aren’t thought about that often. Karen Dawkins made news when she was awarded the Civilian Employee of the Year award for all her help in making sure the department ran smoothly.

Blue Cares, Out on the Field!

With the help of a few volunteers, we packed up the Blue Cares van with food and chairs in the early morning and made our way to the stadium.

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Project CJ Needs Your Help!

August is an important month for Blue Cares. It’s the time when children prepare to go back to school and Blue Cares needs to be there when they do.

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Poverty Affects Children’s Mental Health

A new study by researchers at Cornell University reports that growing up in poverty exposes children to greater levels of stress.

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Child Poverty Rate is high in San Antonio

A sobering report from the Center for Public Priorities reminds us all here at Blue Cares why programs like ours are so important.

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Project C J Needs You

Project Caring for Juniors (Project CJ) is a food assistance program that benefits students from low-income families who attend Title One elementary schools in San Antonio. The goal of Project CJ is to help ensure that children have healthy snacks and enough food options during their time away from school, including weekends.

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Year-Round Toy Drop-Off

You can help make a child happy by donating toys or money to Blue Cares. Blue Cares accepts new, unused toy donations throughout the year. These toys go to under-privileged children from low-income families in San Antonio who find it difficult to provide gifts for their kids during the holiday season.

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If You Don’t Know Blue Cares, You Should

Every day, when they put on the badge, police officers try to make the city of San Antonio a safer, better place to live. They are members of the San Antonio Police Officer’s Association (SAPOA) and proud public servants, so their duty to make a difference in the community, carries on, even when the badge comes off.

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Blue Cares Scholarship Recipients Named

A total of 15 students were selected as scholarship recipients by the San Antonio Police Officer’s Association.

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Where does Blue Cares’ Money Go?

The mission of Blue Cares is to provide year around services and assistance to underprivileged, low-income, at risk children and their families. Blue Cares makes a difference in people’s lives with donations given by the local community.

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