Project C J

Project CJ (Caring for Juniors) is a food assistance program for students who come from low- income families and attend Title-One elementary schools in San Antonio. For a school to qualify as “Title-One”, at least 40% of its students must be enrolled in the ‘free and reduced lunch program’.

Blue Cares and the San Antonio Food Bank partnered together for Project CJ to ensure children have enough healthy snack and food options during the weekends. Project CJ works with educators and community leaders at local schools to identify children in need.

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Currently, Blue Cares and the SA Food Bank are providing meal packs for the following:

Elementary School: East Terrell Hills
Meal Packs Provided by SA Food Bank: 24
Meal Packs Provided by Blue Cares: 56
Meal Packs Per Week: 80

Elementary School: Martha Mead
Meal Packs Provided by SA Food Bank: 32
Meal Packs Provided by Blue Cares: 72
Meal Packs Per Week: 104

Elementary School: Montgomery
Meal Packs Provided by SA Food Bank: 24
Meal Packs Provided by Blue Cares: 80
Meal Packs Per Week: 104

Elementary School: Sarah King
Meal Packs Provided by SA Food Bank: 24
Meal Packs Provided by Blue Cares: 40
Meal Packs Per Week: 64

Total Per Week: 352

Ronald McDonald House Cook Days

“The Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio provides housing for the families of critically-ill and seriously injured children while they are getting medical treatment. Our goal is to provide an evening meal every night for the families who stay at our Houses.”

Since June 2019, Blue Cares and the SAPOA Cook Teams have provided lunch and dinner once a month for all San Antonio Ronald McDonald Houses and their 120 residents. This year, we will continue providing meals for all San Antonio residents, every first Monday of the month.

June through December 2019 – 1,680 meals
January through December 2020 – 2,880 meals
June 2019 to present – 4,560 meals



Please Donate to Blue Cares. Here’s why:

  1. You join with the men and women of the San Antonio Police Officers Association in helping our community’s most underprivileged, low income and at-risk children.
  2. You bring joy to children during the Holidays through Blue Santa, who gives toys, food, clothes, and monetary donations to kids from low-income families.
  3. You help support the college ambitions of deserving students from underprivileged families through the Patricia Calderon Scholarship, established in the name of Officer Patricia Calderon, the first female officer to die in the line of duty.
  4. You help meet the nutritional needs of children through Project CJ (Caring for Juniors), which provides weekly home food packages for students attending Title 1 Elementary Schools.
  5. You help us organize special projects all year-long like our work with the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, where we donated $20,000 toward renovation of the Children’s Oncology Unit, our Backpack Drive, where we donate back-to-school back packs to students throughout San Antonio, and our Bike Program, where San Antonio police officers collect used or slightly damaged bikes, repair and clean them, and then give them to kids in local elementary and middle schools.
  6. Your donations are completely tax–deductible.