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Poverty Affects Children’s Mental Health

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A new study by researchers at Cornell University reports that growing up in poverty exposes children to greater levels of stress. The study also suggests that children who grow up poor are more prone to anti-social and aggressive behavior, such as bullying. Furthermore, poor children are more likely to have reduced short-term spatial memory and more likely than children from middle-income homes to feel powerless.
On a positive note, not all children growing up in poverty will encounter these issues. It simply means that the risk is higher. Still, another outcome of the study found that adults who grew up poor had higher levels of physical stress throughout childhood, which lingered into adulthood and more research found that about 40% of sons have incomes similar to their father. To prevent these psychological problems, poor children likely need help early in life.
At Blue Cares, we know that we can’t lift every child out of poverty. That’s why we try to inspire and support them with our programs and services. For example, when you donate your time or money to Blue Cares, your contributions go toward supporting programs like Blue Santa – who delivers toys and clothes to children during the Holidays – and other programs like the SAPOA Blue Cares Scholarship, and Project CJ (Caring for Juniors), which provides healthy after school and weekend snack packs for elementary kids attending Title One schools.
Our Blue Cares staff, volunteers, donors, and sponsors work for no other reason than to put a smile on a child’s face. If you would like to make a difference in an underprivileged child’s life, sign up for volunteer opportunities or donate today. For more information, we may be reached at (210) 822-4428.

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