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August is an important month for Blue Cares. It’s the time when children prepare to go back to school and Blue Cares needs to be there when they do. During the school year, students (especially those who attend Title One schools) may find it difficult to understand why they are fed well at school but not at home. They don’t understand that they come from a low-income family and that it’s difficult for their parents, or sometimes a single parent, to afford to feed them a healthy, hearty meal over the weekend or for dinner. This is partially the reason why Blue Cares exists.

Blue Cares runs a food assistance program called “Project CJ” or (Project Caring for Juniors). It benefits students from low-income families and who attend Title One elementary schools, with the goal to ensure that children have enough healthy snacks and food options during their time away from school.

With the help of the San Antonio Food Bank, Project CJ has been a successful program that has seen full classrooms of children going home with snack packs. With the help of educators and community leaders, Blue Cares has gone throughout the city to identify children in need and help feed them. According to, 26% of all children living in San Antonio are living below the poverty level. Blue Cares is working to lower that statistic.

Hungry children cannot learn. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to help feed hungry children in times of hardship. If you’re looking to assist with Project CJ, contact us about volunteer opportunities or with food donations. Any contribution helps and is appreciated by Blue Cares and the children we feed together.

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