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Child Poverty Rate is high in San Antonio

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A sobering report from the Center for Public Priorities reminds us all here at Blue Cares why programs like ours are so important. According to the Center’s 2016 “State of San Antonio Children”, nearly 130,000 local children live in poverty and approximately 103,000 of them are Latino. That means 24% of children in San Antonio live in high-poverty neighborhoods.

According to the report, Latino children, in particular, are more likely to live in moderate to high-poverty areas, and because San Antonio has one of the highest degrees of segregation of the wealthy of all metro areas in the state, children who live in these moderate to high-poverty areas have less economic mobility, making it more likely that they will remain in these economically depressed communities into adulthood. The report also shows that single parent families in Bexar County are more likely to live in poverty than married families, having to rely on one income instead of two, and that of the one in three children living with single parents, single mother families are twice as likely to live in poverty than single father families.

This is why Blue Cares exists. Our programs support children from underprivileged households. With help from people like you, we provide scholarships through the Blue Cares Scholarship program to deserving students who want to pursue their educational goals but need some help along the way, and through our Blue Santa program, we donate gifts during the holidays to families who are struggling to make ends meet, and finally, for those young children who need nutritional assistance when they are not at school, Project CJ helps deliver healthy snacks to children who are attending Title One schools.

If you would like to make a difference and help an underprivileged child, please give us a call or visit our website on how you can improve a child’s life.

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