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5 Ways Your Teen Can Give Back This Summer

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The summer months of the year are meant to be filled with fun outdoor activities, but they can also be filled with fun activities that make a difference. Encourage your teens to be more active in activities that serve a valuable purpose this summer. There are plenty of ways for your kid to give back while still having plenty of time to have fun before the school year starts up again.

  1. Donate Clothes. Donating clothes can be a fun activity for the young ones while also providing a service for people less fortunate. Take some time this summer to go through your teen’s closet (and yours, too) to gather up old clothes you no longer use and donate away.
  2. Create Supply Bags. Help your teen with purchasing care packages that will be donated to the homeless. Collect hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap bars, then assemble the items together and donate them to a nearby homeless shelter.
  3. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter. If your kid is an animal lover, the shelter is where they should spend most of their summer time. Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers while working with animals hardly feels like work anyway.
  4. Encourage Literacy. If your teen is an avid reader, they can donate old books to a local library or volunteer to read to children. Help them research libraries where they can do this.
  5. Become a Mentor. Your teens can make a big difference by advising younger students and teens with proper guidance and support in tutoring or leading in extracurricular activities. Many younger students need tutoring help in subjects such as Math and Reading.

The summer is a time to be utilized in many ways other than just staying home. Talk to your child about the importance of giving back and which ways interest them the most.

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