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3 Reasons Law Enforcement Officers Give Back

Law Enforcement Officers Give Back by grilling at charity event

A police officer’s duties go beyond protecting and serving. An act of kindness by a person in a blue uniform helps improve the life of the person being helped and improves the relationship between law enforcement and their community. Blue Cares works closely with dozens of men and women in blue who support and give back to their community, in addition to doing their day to day jobs. Without them, Blue Cares would not thrive in our efforts to make the City of San Antonio a better place for everyone, especially children. Many police officers are visibly making an effort to give back to their community and here’s why more officers are doing the same every day.

  1. Create stronger bonds with the community, especially in areas where there’s a need to build firmer ties and more trust. The public needs to know that police officers are people just like them who want the best for their families.
  2. No act is too small. A person’s whole day is changed by a simple act of kindness. Every small act is valuable in its own way and makes a difference.
  3. Inspire others. Through community service, police officers become even stronger role models for our youth, especially when they are seen serving in the neighborhood.

While there are many ways to give back, finding just the right one can be a challenge. But one of the biggest ways our officers give back is through Blue Cares, the community outreach arm of the San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA). Blue Cares has events year-round, where police officers and other community members volunteer to take on diverse tasks. Reach out to Blue Cares to help underprivileged children in San Antonio. Improving your community begins with you. Call Blue Cares and join San Antonio police officers who are dedicating their free time to the community when they’re not protecting and serving.

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