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3 Reasons to Collaborate with Other Non-Profits

3 Reasons to Collaborate with Other Non-Profits

Blue Cares is proud to have collaborated with many other non-profit organizations throughout the city of San Antonio, such as the San Antonio Food Bank and Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas. Partnering up with other non-profits benefits everyone involved, especially the groups of people we’re trying to assist. When multiple organizations come together to help improve the lives of less fortunate community members, teaming up makes sense for multiple reasons.

If you’re considering partnering with other non-profits but haven’t made an attempt to reach out, here are several reasons why you should act now.

Blue Cares is grateful to the many organizations that have been able and willing to team up. Whether you’re in financial trouble or just looking for a little more exposure, the best thing to do is seek help from another non-profit with the same goals. If your non-profit organization could benefit from a partnership, feel free to reach out to Blue Cares, the community outreach program of the San Antonio Police Officers’ Association. The end result could have a positive impact for everyone involved.

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