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5 Ways Kids Can Give Back

5 Ways Kids Can Give Back

School is in session and it’s time to get our children involved in extra-curricular activities! Students who immerse themselves in after school programs gain confidence and learn lessons at a young age as opposed to a student who isn’t as involved in extracurricular activities. Whether they’re involved in activities such as sports, theater, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) clubs, or even giving back to the community, your child has the opportunity to develop their skills at any young age.

Talk to your child about why it’s important to help other people, even those you don’t know. If your child seems unwilling to be active in sports or interested in STEM, get them involved with non-profits because they just might have the right mind to be a future leader, an event planner, and a natural giver. To help your child get involved with charity, implement the following habits within the household.

  1. Donating: Teach children the value of donating items of clothing to those in need. Periodically go through your closet and rid it of what you don’t need. Then take your child with you when dropping off items at the charitable destination.
  2. Helping Neighbors: Have your child offer to rake your neighbor’s leaves or mow the lawn.
  3. Playing With Pets: If your child is a fan of animals, purchase cat and dog food and feed the animals at the humane society.
  4. Assisting the Elderly: It’s as simple as helping an old lady cross the street. Whether a neighbor or stranger, helping an elderly person with a random task will make your child feel good about themselves.
  5. Pitching In: If you’re involved with a church or charitable cause yourself, bring the kids with you. Get them involved any way you can.

Blue Cares works closely with and accepts volunteers of all ages. We work hand-in-hand with organizations such as the San Antonio Police Explorers, which allows young adults who aspire to be in law enforcement to gain skills in public safety, serving the community, and giving back. Learn more about the explorers program HERE. If your child is already showing characteristics of a charitable giver and leader, get them involved in the community now!

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