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Here’s Why Your Business Should Sponsor One of Our Events.


Big or small, your business needs to be in the spotlight. New or old, your business needs a reputation. Sponsoring non-profit organizations and supporting their events is a great way to build awareness and positive community exposure for your company. If you haven’t sponsored an event for a non-profit organization, like Blue Cares for instance, here are some of the best reasons you should consider it.

First, always choose to sponsor an event or participate in a fundraiser that is hosted by an organization that shares your values and is in line with the target audience of your business. By sponsoring an event, you are essentially standing by that organization and sending the community and your own employees the message that your company supports the goals and the mission of the non-profit. By doing so, your company also benefits from the organization’s reputation and standing in the community. Any goodwill the organization has will reflect back upon your company. That said, as a sponsor, you’re there for more than just networking. So, don’t attend an event just to pass out your business card. Bring your employees and family members and get really involved in the event you are supporting. In sum, as a sponsor of an event your company can gain:

1. Recognition: Be acknowledged for showing true commitment to the community.
2. Visibility: You will build awareness for your brand and mission.
3. Relationships: You can generate contacts and possible business opportunity.

If you think this would be a good idea for your company, Blue Cares is always in need of businesses willing to sponsor an event. Our next event is the 2017 Sporting Clay Shoot. The funds we raise at this event, as well as our other big event, The Blue Santa Golf Tournament, will benefit our three major programs: Blue Cares Scholarship, Blue Santa Program, and Project CJ Program.

Our Sponsors are our friends. They support us and we support them. Click HERE for sponsorship opportunities!

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