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Blue Cares Scholarship Recipients Named

A total of 15 students were selected as scholarship recipients by the San Antonio Police Officer’s Association.

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Where does Blue Cares’ Money Go?

The mission of Blue Cares is to provide year around services and assistance to underprivileged, low-income, at risk children and their families. Blue Cares makes a difference in people’s lives with donations given by the local community.

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Behind the Scenes Hero

When calling to mind Police Heroes, one might think of the badge, the uniform and the front lines in the battle of keeping us all safe.  Rarely is there public acknowledgement of those behind the scenes, working for the overall good of the department, and ultimately, the community.

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Valentine Story for the Heart

A special Valentine Facebook post originating from Hardin County, Northwest of Beaumont, Texas, has hearts swelling and hopefully, some folks looking at police officers in a whole new light.

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