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Volunteering is great! Especially for young people

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Summer is gone and your child is back in school! But how do you keep them busy over the weekends and evenings, other than homework? There are many events and activities to get your child more involved with the community. One of these is volunteering. If your child doesn’t seem to express any athletic or artistic interests, volunteering at fun events that promote a great cause could be the alternative route for your child.

Having your child volunteer at a young age is beneficial for their future. It can even help to combat mental health issues by giving him or her a sense of achievement, empowerment and worth. A 2014 survey of youth social action by The Service Nation found that people who had taken part in youth social action rated slightly higher for “life satisfaction.” Additionally, The Citizenship Foundation evaluation found that participants in the program had a more positive outlook, with levels of anxiety 22% lower than those in the control group.

Volunteering gives young adults a sense of meaning and connection. It also opens them to new experiences, people and potential career paths. Volunteering boosts social skills, teaches empathy, and helps young people develop talents and find new strengths. A survey found that on average, young people who volunteer feel more in touch with their local communities, are happier, and do better in school than those who don’t volunteer.

Summer is the perfect time for your children to discover what they’re passionate about. Make sure they carry these passions throughout the school year by listening to what interests them and encouraging them. If volunteering is one of those passions, give Blue Cares a call. We need volunteers year-round, so browse our website and follow us on Facebook for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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