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Blue Cares Personal Care and Hygiene Product Collection Drive

No child should have to share a toothbrush! However many in San Antonio do. When we learned this, we had to do something!  That revelation began our new mission to provide free hygiene kits to those who otherwise would go without. 

The need for basic necessities, like toothbrushes, first came to light when two young boys participating in a local mentorship program had to use the same toothbrush because their families simply could not afford one for each child. 

To  address this need, we kicked off our Personal Care and Hygiene Product Collection Drive!  We need your help to reach our big goal:  1,000 of each personal care product! 


                                                   ITEMS NEEDED: 





Baby Wipes

Soap/Body Wash


Feminine Hygiene Products

Full-sized or multi-pack items, only.  Please no travel-sized items.


Donations are being collected at two locations during regular business hours:

San Antonio Police Officers’ Assoc.
1939 NE 410, Ste 300
San Antonio, TX 78217

Blue Cares
6993 Alamo Downs Pkwy
San Antonio, TX 78238

You can also donate $15, which equals to (1) hygiene kit. Online donations can be submitted at

The donation drive will supply kits to the new Blue Cares Hygiene Kit program at (4) San Antonio Police Department substations; Central, South, West, and East. Personal care products are available to officers to give to those in need. Often, police officers are the first to know when a person is lacking personal essentials at home. Hygiene products will also continue to be provided to local school students free of charge.

Help us spread the word!  For a printable flier, please click here. Together we can make a difference by helping everyone have the dignity of staying clean!

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